HICC holds different activities intended for our Muslim community and the Japanese Society. That is mainly to strengthen the brotherhood among Muslims, level up our knowledge, and enjoy our lives together. The activities are categorized as follows


Opening the chance for brothers, sisters and their children to stay in touch with the Islamic knowledge.

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Special Events

Events that are special, such as special programs for Ramadan, Eids, welcoming new arrivals, and saying bye to beloved Muslims who will leave us back to their own countries.

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Cultural Events

These events are held to be more involved in the Japanese society, to convey to them some diamonds of our treasure (culture).

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This is a series of talks allowing each one to share his valuable knowledge, experience and skills with others. That is to get a stronger community.

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Yeah! we need some kind of entertainments in the busy life of Japan. It is the sports that most of us like.

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Volunteering is an important part of social participating. Here are some of voluntary works of our brothers and sisters either at the Islamic center, such as cleaning, or in the Japanese society. But, we need more ..

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Activity Calender

To see the calender of our next activities.

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Iqama Times

Fajr : Athan +20 mins
Dhuhr : 12:25
Asr : 15:15
Maghrib : Athan +5 mins
Isha'a : 19:15
Friday khutba : after athan

Athsn Times:





Address: 〒739-0036 Hiroshima-ken, Higashihiroshima-shi, Saijōchō Taguchi, 2786−1 4th-5th floor イスラーム文化センター

Email: admin@hiroshima-icc.org

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